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Blackburn Responds to President Obama’s Irresponsible Budget

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Washington, February 9, 2016 | Mike Reynard (202-225-1112) | comments

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) issued the following statement in response to President Obama’s FY2017 budget proposal that would increase spending by $2.5 trillion and raise taxes on hardworking Americans by $3.4 trillion over the next ten years. 
“The President’s reckless budget proposal would more than double the national debt from what it was when he took office. Instead of focusing on spending, we need to confront our national debt in a fiscally responsible manner. It is shameful the President is willing to raise taxes on hardworking Americans in order to pay for his liberal agenda. 
“Once again, the President’s budget is nothing more than a political stunt. The only suspense will be whether it gets even a single Democratic vote. While the President’s budget proposal is dead on arrival in the House, I will work with my colleagues to ensure the House FY2017 budget reaffirms our commitment to building a more prosperous, confident future for America with a balanced budget and a strong, robust national security policy,” Blackburn said. 
Last week, Congressman Blackburn testified before the House Budget Committee regarding Ft. Campbell’s priorities in the FY2017 Department of Defense budget. Full video of her testimony can be downloaded here

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