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Blackburn Expresses Concern Over Iran Nuclear Deal

"How can we possibly trust them to act in good faith?"

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Washington, July 14, 2015 | Mike Reynard (202-225-1112) | comments

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) today released the following statement regarding the nuclear deal reached with Iran:
“We simply cannot trust Iran to be faithful to any agreement. Today’s news that a nuclear deal was struck with Iran is deeply disappointing. Iran still has their reactors, they still have the centrifuges, they still have uranium, and they still are pushing back on us without wanting to have transparency and full disclosure. This deal has allowed our enemies to believe we have vacated the playing field and our allies questioning our role as a global leader. The pressure must stay on Iran. Ten years down the road we are opening up the pathway for Iran to have a nuclear weapon,” Blackburn said.
“It is completely unacceptable for Iran to maintain nuclear enrichment capabilities that will merely delay their time to ‘breakout’ and be able to legally access technology that will allow them to deliver a nuclear weapon against their enemies abroad. The support of Russia and China for lifting these sanctions alone should cause alarm as they are both major arms suppliers to the Iran regime. Just last week, Iranians were chanting ‘Down with America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ as they celebrated Al-Quds day. How can we possibly trust them to act in good faith? I will fully review this deal, but will not accept a deal that puts our national security at risk,” Blackburn said. 
Congress has 60 days to examine the agreement and vote to approve or reject it.                    

On Monday, Congressman Blackburn expressed concern for what the Iran deal would mean down the road. To watch the interview with Melissa Francis on Fox Business, CLICK HERE.

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