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Blackburn Fights for Hard-Working Taxpayers

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Washington, July 24, 2014 | Mike Reynard (202-225-1112) | comments
As part of ongoing efforts to fight for America’s families, House Republicans today passed the Student and Family Tax Simplification and the Child Tax Credit Improvement Acts. Blackburn said the following in response to the House's activity:

“Under President Obama’s economic policies, America’s hard working taxpayers have been hit where it hurts the most- in their wallets. I’m pleased to join with my house colleagues to pass two pieces of legislation that will lighten the financial loads of many families in the Tennessee 7th.  H.R. 3393, the Student and Family Tax Simplification Act, simplifies tax benefits to families can actually use those benefits to plan for and afford higher education.

“Real wages, what Americans use to pay their mortgage and put their kids through school, are falling. I voted for H.R. 4935, the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014, because this commonsense reform makes sure the child tax credit keeps up with the rising cost of living. More importantly, it eliminates the current marriage penalty. Children shouldn’t be punished because their parents chose to be married.

“Along with rolling back bureaucracy, these bills contain strong anti-fraud provisions to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. Washington has a moral obligation to be the best steward of the taxpayer dollar. I call on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to take these two bills up and get relief to the taxpayer as soon as possible.”