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Blackburn Hosts Tennessee Small Businesswoman Impacted by Obamacare Failures

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Washington, January 28, 2014 | Mike Reynard (202-225-1112) | comments
Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) will host Emilie Lamb from Lawrenceburg, Tennessee as her guest tonight for President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address.

Emilie, who suffers from Lupus, is one of millions of Americans who had her health insurance plan cancelled because of Obamacare. Since 2006 Emilie received health insurance through CoverTN, which provided her with the affordable care she required for the numerous Emergency Room visits and surgeries she has had to endure to treat her chronic illness. Left without any other choice, Emilie signed up for Obamacare and as a result her monthly insurance premiums increased by 700 percent. Congressman Blackburn has been fighting to help Emilie find a better solution to ensure she continues to receive the care she needs and deserves.

“It is a travesty that millions of Americans like Emilie are being forced to suffer due to the President’s failed health care law,” Blackburn said. “Emilie is one of many Tennesseans I have heard from with deeply moving stories about the harmful impact Obamacare is having on their lives and I am honored that she will be my guest at tonight’s State of the Union address. Emilie was initially excited about Obamacare because of President Obama’s promise that if she liked her plan she could keep it. Unfortunately, now we find out that not only is Emilie a victim of the President’s broken promises, but she is a victim of the skyrocketing insurance premiums resulting from this unaffordable health care law.”

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