Press Release
Rep. Blackburn's Statement Honoring Staff Sergeant Justin Peck
January 31, 2018
WASHINGTON - Honoring a True American Hero: Staff Sergeant Justin Peck A true hero was recognized last night by the President of the United States at... More
Press Release
Rep. Blackburn's Statement on Section 201 Tariff Remedies
January 29, 2018
WASHINGTON - Congressman Marsha Blackburn disappointed in harmful tariff decision on U.S. residential washing machines: "While I support trade policie... More
Press Release
Blackburn Statement on Government Funding
January 18, 2018
Congressman Marsha Blackburn For Immediate Release January 18, 2018 WASHINGTON - Tonight, I voted to fund our troops, our seniors, and our children. T... More
Update: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
December 5, 2017
We are excited to announce that we are moving forward to the Conference Committee and are one step closer to delivering tax relief for hardworking Am... More
Press Release
Blackburn Endorses Bill to Create Opioid Task Force
November 3, 2017
WASHINGTON—Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) on Thursday co-sponsored a bill, the Fentanyl and Heroin Task Force Act, which would establish a federal t... More
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