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Energy is on the minds of many individuals.  In the heart of the 7th District lies the rural engine of Tennessee’s economy.  Our state is home to men and women who spend every day working the land.  Tennesseans are the true environmentalists and conservationists, those for whom clean air and clean water isn’t an abstract notion, but the vital force that keeps our staple crops growing.  These individuals are also among the hardest hit by escalating energy prices. As a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Blackburn makes sure their needs are represented in Washington.

 Tennesseans are tired of having the family budget used as a laboratory for experimental environmental policy and they are tired of hearing the “pay more, drive less” solution.  Tennesseans do not have that option. There isn’t a commuter train that connects Waynesboro to Clifton, nor is there a subway system to whisk passengers from one end of Memphis to the other.

 To bring down the price at the pump and keep the economy going, we need a menu of clean, responsible energy options; not winners and losers chosen by the environmental lobby.

Congressman Blackburn opposes the Cap & Trade scheme that institutes billions in new taxes but does not do much to create more energy or help the environment.  She knows that the EPA is willing to implement this scheme without the consent of Congresss and with little regard for the economic impact by restricting carbon dioxide emissions through the Clean Air Act.  To stop this bureaucratic overreach and preserve Congressional authority (not to mention your wallet) Marsha Blackburn has sponsored H.R. 97 which will prohibit the EPA from regulating carbon emissions under the Clean Air Act.  She supports efforts Senator Inhofe and Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Fred Upton, are making to roll back the EPA.

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