White House Tours

Planning a visit to D.C.? It is my pleasure to assist you in your travels to Washington. My office is happy to schedule a tour of the Capitol or to help you reserve a tour of the White House. Please note that the White House tours are booked on a first-come, first serve basis, so it is important to request your White House tour several months in advance.  

My office is always happy to facilitate your request, but please understand that White House tour requests are either approved or denied exclusively by the White House Visitors Center.

Please email all tour requests to Leonardo.Kowalski@mail.house.gov. In this email, please state the exact dates you will be in D.C. and exclude any travel dates. Also, please include the number of people in your party. You may request up to three dates that you would be available to go on the tour. The White House requires tour requests to be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance and you may request dates up to three months in advance.   

Due to the high volume of White House tour requests, we are only able to accommodate tour requests for constituents in the Seventh Congressional District. Please verify your zip code in the email. You will then be provided with a form requesting information for each participant of the tour (including name, birth date, place of birth, and social security number) so please be prepared to provide this information once we respond to your request. This form is then submitted to the White House Visitors Center, and your tour is scheduled from there.

We look forward to having you in D.C.!